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The Co-op Telecom Program is exclusively for CHF BC member co-ops. CHF BC and TELUS have negotiated a partnership to provide HDTV, High-Speed Internet and Home Phone through TELUS Home Services for CHF BC members. The Co-op Telecom Program will provide savings of up to 50% off retail rates on individual services or bundles of services for members of CHF BC member housing co-ops.

Information for Co-op Members

Eligible co-ops will receive an enrolment package in the mail. This includes important information your co-op needs to register for the program and to sign up members.member-smile

How to sign up

Your co-op administrator will sign-up your co-op for the program. Please read how to enrol in the program as a co-op member.

Then complete the member sign-up form and return it to your Program Administrator.

Once your Program Administrator receives your sign-up form, you will get a link to register with TELUS. Once you do that, a TELUS representative will contact you directly to take your order.  TELUS will also schedule the day and time of your installation with you.

If you need to notify TELUS about a move, please complete this Telecom Move out Form for Coop Members.

If you want to discontinue your service, here’s the Telecom Cancellation Form.

And if you want to renew after your one-year term, you don’t have to do anything: your service will automatically renew for three-month terms.

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