Signing Up

The Co-op Telecom Program allows CHF BC co-op members to  get deep discounts on Optik TV Essentials, High Speed Internet and Home Phone Lite. There is no minimum signup requirement from member co-ops to participate. Once your co-op is enrolled in the program, all its members are eligible for the services mentioned below.

Services Offered

  • Optik TV Essentials – includes one free PVR rental (Channel Guide)
  • Optik TV – 4 Theme Packs + 1 Premium
  • Optik TV – 7 Theme Packs + 1 Premium
  • Optik TV – 11 Theme Packs + 2 Premium
  • HS Internet 25
  • HS Internet 75
  • HS Internet 150
  • HS Internet 300
  • HS Internet 700
  • HS Internet 1G
  • HS Internet 1.5G
  • Home Phone Lite

How to Sign Up?

If your co-op is not currently enrolled in the program, please have the board complete and sign the CHF BC Discount Registration Form and send it to

If your co-op has already signed up to participate in the program, please contact TELUS directly at 1-866-667-9749 to sign up and get the 40% discount directly through your TELUS bill.

Once you have signed up with TELUS, they will arrange for the installation with you directly.  They will apply a 40% discount on the services and will bill you directly for them.

If you have any issues signing up with TELUS directly, please reach out to the telecom team at

Current Members

If you are currently enrolled in the telecom program, you will be transitioned to be billed directly by TELUS as of your annual renewal date. You can find out this date through your co-op Telecom administrator at your co-op. More information about the transition can be found in our “Important Info for Members” section.


“Our focus at CHF BC is on creating long-term strategic partnerships that deliver value to our members and our partners on a foundation of integrity and transparency.  We believe that TELUS is an ideal partner for the kind of relationship we want to create, and we look forward to a long and value-added partnership.”

Thom Armstrong, Executive Director