Program Details

The Co-op Telecom Program allows CHF BC co-op members to select individual services from Optik TV Essentials, High Speed Internet and Home Phone Lite OR group them as a bundle for even bigger discounts! There is no minimum signup requirement from member co-ops to participate. Once a co-op joins the program, all its members can sign up for the services.

If you would like your co-op to join, you can email our Telecom Program Coordinator at Our team will then contact your co-op board in regards to the agreement forms and appoint a program administrator.

Services Offered sign-up-sheet

  • Optik TV Essentials – includes one free PVR rental (Channel Guide)
  • HS Internet 25
  • HS Internet 75
  • HS Internet 150
  • HS Internet 300 (with unlimited data)
  • Home Phone Lite
For detailed information on the services offered, please review the manual.

Special Bundle Pricing

ServicesIndividual Prices Bundle Prices
(includes TV, Home Phone and HS Internet of your choice)
Optik TV Essentials$15/month-
Home Phone Lite$20/month-
HS Internet 25$35/month$65/month
HS Internet 75$55/month$85/month
HS Internet 150$60/month$90/month
HS Internet 300$75/month$105/month
All prices mentioned above are before taxes.