How does our co-op get started?

The first step to get your co-op into the program is to contact our Telecom Program Coordinator by e-mail at telecom@chf.bc.ca.  We’ll ask your co-op board to sign agreement forms and appointment a program administrator. Then your members can contact your program administrator to get the sign-up details for your co-op.

When does the Co-op Telecom Program begin?

The program was launched in 2016 and now has become the fastest growing group buying program with over 100 co-ops enrolled in the program and with over 1,500 households signed up for the telecom services.

How much does the service cost?

Each service has a set price point, well below market rates. For specific pricing details, please contact your program administrator.

How do co-op members sign up for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Once your co-op is in the program (see FAQ “How does our co-op get started?), sign up for members is as easy as……

  1. Complete the sign-up form and select your service options.
  2. Return the form to your co-op office or your co-op’s program administrator.
  3. Once your Co-op has enrolled in the program, register online at www.telus.com/chfbc or by calling TELUS at 310-3343.
  4. TELUS will contact you directly and will confirm service selection, credit information, and your preferred installation date.


*Please note: the services provided in the program are for 12 months.

Do all of our members have to sign up for the co-op to be eligible for the program?

The program does not have minimum participation requirements to qualify; however, incentives are available to increase program participation.

What options are available with the Co-op Telecom Program?

The Co-op Telecom Program is one of the most flexible programs available to co-op members. Members can select individual services or select a special bundle.

Do existing TELUS customers qualify for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Yes, existing customers qualify for the program; however, any cancellation fees associated with an existing contract term must be paid prior to enrolment.

With the Co-op Telecom Program discounts available, it may be worth paying a cancellation fee. CHF BC will contribute $50 towards your cancellation fee.

Do co-op members who have services with an alternate provider qualify for the program?

Yes. TELUS will complete the switch on the member’s behalf. Fees associated with early cancellation of term commitments or contracts may apply.

With the Co-op Telecom Program discounts available, it may be worth paying a cancellation fee. CHF BC will contribute $50 towards your cancellation fee.

Will every co-op building qualify for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Most co-op buildings will qualify for all services available; however, upgraded wiring may be required to provide all services offered in the Co-op Telecom Program.

Are High Speed 15 and 25 the only Internet tiers available?

Members have the option to choose higher tier Internet speeds directly from TELUS, based on availability. For pricing details, contact TELUS directly at 310-3343 (no area code required).

What are the data caps on the Internet services included in the Co-op Telecom Program?

Internet 15 = 200 GB data/month
Internet 25 = 300 GB data/month

Unlimited data is available for $15/month for TV and Internet customers. The $15 charge is billed directly to members on their TELUS bill.

Are additional TV theme packs available to members?

Yes, additional services or TV theme packs are available and billed to members directly on their TELUS bill.

Is long distance included?

No. Contact TELUS directly at 604 310-3343 or click the TELUS website for details.