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Are High Speed 15 and 25 the only Internet tiers available?

Good News! CHF BC’s Telecom Program now also offers high speed Internet 150, 300, 750, 1 G and 1.5 G options to eligible co-ops. Contact us at to find out which speeds are available at your co-op.


What are the data caps on the Internet services included in the Co-op Telecom Program?

Internet 25 = 300 GB data/month
Internet 75 = 550 GB data/month
Internet 150 = 1 TB data/month
Internet 300 = 1 TB data/month (eligible co-ops only)
Internet 750= 1 TB data/month (eligible co-ops only)
Internet 1 GB= 1 TB data/month (eligible co-ops only)
Internet 1.5 GB= 1 TB data/month (eligible co-ops only)

Unlimited data can also be purchased directly from TELUS for $15/month. The $15 charge is billed on your TELUS invoice when you request this additional service.

Are additional TV theme packs available to members?

Yes, additional services or TV theme packs are available for members on request and will be billed to them directly on their TELUS bill.


Is long distance included?

No. Contact TELUS directly at 310-3343 (no area code necessary) or check the TELUS website for details.


What is the cancellation procedure?

Members must fill out a cancellation form 30 days prior to their desired cancellation date and submit it to

If members cancel within their first year, they are responsible for paying the remaining balance of the contract.

Once members have been transitioned to the 40% discount, TELUS’s cancellation policies apply.


Can I transfer out of the previous Telecom program into the 40% discount Program early?

No, if you are a current telecom program subscriber, you need to wait until your current term ends (whether that is quarterly or yearly) before you can join the new 40% discount program. If it’s your first year on the program, you can switch into the new program as of your annual renewal date. If you are a long-time member, you would be on a quarterly term, and you can email if you want to check when would be the earliest date you can make the switch.