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ByFiona Jackson

Are other co-ops already in the program?

Yes, to date over 155 co-ops and over 3,400 member households are enrolled in the program.

ByFiona Jackson

How does our co-op get started?

  1. Review the Program Details.
  2. If your co-op is a CHF BC member, your board can contact our Telecom Program Coordinator by email at to join the program (if you don’t know if your co-op has already joined, our Program Coordinator can confirm). We’ll ask your board to complete the required forms.
  3. Once your co-op has enrolled, all your members can sign-up for deeply discounted rates on HDTV, high speed Internet, and home phone services — with the option of choosing individual services or bundle packages. There is no obligation for your members to sign up for any service through the program.
  4. Members will need to contact TELUS directly at 1-866-667-9749 to join.

How old is the Co-op Telecom Program?

The program was launched in 2016 and now has become the fastest growing group buying program with over 155 co-ops enrolled in the program and with over 3,500 households signed up for the telecom services.


How much does the service cost?

The general rates are up to 40% off the TELUS market rates for the services. For current costs, please contact TELUS directly at 1-866-667-9749 or


How do co-op members sign up for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Once your co-op is enrolled in the program (see FAQ “How does our co-op get started?), sign up for members is as easy as……

  1. Contact TELUS directly at 1-866-667-9749 and say you want to join the CHF BC Telecom Program.
  2. You can also go to
  3. TELUS will confirm service selection, credit information, and your preferred installation date with you directly.

Do all of our members have to sign up for the co-op to be eligible for the program?

No. There are no minimum participation requirements to qualify for the program and your members are not obliged to signup for any services; however, TELUS will install free Wi-Fi in your common room if more than half your co-op enrolls. You can also be eligible for other promotional offers, such as a free TV in your common room, if 90% of the co-op members enroll.


What options are available with the Co-op Telecom Program?

The Co-op Telecom Program is one of the most flexible programs available to co-op members. Members can select individual services or select a bundle package. See all the details on our Program Details page. Please note, many co-ops will also be eligible for high speed Internet 150, 300, 750, 1 G and 1.5 G too – check in with us at to confirm your eligibility.


Do existing TELUS customers qualify for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Yes, existing customers qualify for the program; however, any cancellation fees associated with an existing contract term must be paid prior to enrolment.

The high savings associated with enrolling in the program may be worth paying the cancellation fee.


Do co-op members who have services with an alternate provider qualify for the program?

Yes. TELUS will complete the switch on the member’s behalf. Fees associated with early cancellation of term commitments or contracts may apply.

With the Co-op Telecom Program discounts available, it may be worth paying a cancellation fee.


Will every co-op building qualify for the Co-op Telecom Program?

Most co-op buildings will qualify for all services available; however, upgraded wiring may be required to provide all services offered in the Co-op Telecom Program.